After around a century of a successful breakthrough of industrial revolution, the economies of the world have realized that development is a multidimensional process. It is an accumulated and integrated value of economic (monetary terms) and non-economic factors. After this new and sustainable concept of development, many countries started focusing on non-economic factors, along with economic variables, and achieved mature growth of development.

Unfortunately, the government of Pakistan only seems to be more inclined towards the monetary growth of the country, which is necessary but not sufficient. Meanwhile, other important factors are just being actively discussed and debated to create soft corner among the people of Pakistan and for the rest of the world.

Let’s see the current situation: rule of law is in its worst state as innocent people are being killed and murdered brutally on open roads fearlessly, illiteracy is hurting, people are not happy with the way they live and with the way they are being ruled, health is in an alarming situation, and the rights of people are being violated.

With these situations being carried out in the future, Pakistan will make no difference in its development. A genuine, responsive, and an honest action of the worthy institutions of the country is demanded. We hope and pray that the institutions will perform their respective duties inclusively and in the best interest of the prosperity of the country, understanding the real grounds of development.


Naudero, February 11.