ISLAMABAD - Most of the residents living on both sides of around 10 kilometres stretch of the Islamabad Expressway from Zero Point to Koral Chowk do not use overhead bridges erected to avoid mishaps, causing inconvenience to motorists.

The pedestrians try to jump the road at once which sometimes create hurdle for motorists. According to the police source, around 9 fatal and non-fatal road accidents had occurred on Islamabad Expressway during the last 3 months due to the negligence of pedestrians who jump at the road.

A well-placed traffic police official said that Islamabad Traffic Police (ICT) is doing its best to educate the road users and different sign boards have also been installed there to guide the road users. “I admit that most of the pedestrians, preferring short-cut, avoid using these overhead bridges and face road accidents,” he maintained. The official said that a letter had been written to Capital Development Authority (CDA) to install iron grills at the main stops where the pedestrians try to cross the road.

He said that our efforts would continue in this regard to educate road users. A traffic policeman is also deputed at the each van stop on Expressway to guide pedestrians to use the overhead bridge instead of crossing the road in a risky way.

Overhead bridges have been installed on the request of people living across the Islamabad Expressway. The Expressway was one of the busy roads as most of the traffic coming from Lahore used it to enter in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Shahid, a motorist, said that the government had spent millions of rupees to facilitate the people living across the Expressway for their safety. But most of the pedestrians are not using this facility, putting their lives in danger by crossing the road, he regretted.

Irshad, a driver of public transport route 21, said that mostly people do not use the bridge for crossing the road and disturb the flow of traffic.