It is hard, but necessary, to acknowledge that Pakistan’s people are deprived of their basic needs. One of them is water, which is a basic need of all living things. In Karachi, as well some other cities of Pakistan, there is a severe lack of water. Karachi’s citizens have to buy 1 tanker of water every week, priced at around Rs.2000.

On the other hand, there are many people that are not getting three meals a day; from where are they supposed to bring Rs.2000 in per week for water? The water problem is a great issue, due to which poor people are losing their priceless lives. Recently in Karachi, 15 children lost their precious lives while bringing water from other far areas of the city. I would urge the government to solve this problem as soon as possible and save the lives of Karachi’s residents.


Islamabad, February 11.