Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza has on Wednesday said that the condition of all five coronavirus patients in Pakistan is improving.

Dr Zafar Mirza talked to media and said the federation and the provincial governments are working together and prepared to deal with the epidemic.

“Screening of all passengers arriving from abroad is being conducted. The federal government is not recommending to close schools in the current situation. Provincial regimes are independent of making their own decisions.

"The reports of the government hiding the total number of confirmed cases of the virus in Pakistan are 100 per cent false," Mirza told reporters in the capital at a press conference earlier today.  "The government has also initiated a strategy to tackle the possible spread of dengue in Pakistan," he added. 

"Every little case of the common cough or flu should not be mistaken for the coronavirus," he noted. "If people get alarmed and concerned at every little illness, there will soon be a panic in the country," he said. "Please wash your hands regularly," he maintained. 

"Pakistan has thankfully managed to contain the pandemic to some extent because of the preventive measures put in place by the government. This is why we managed to contain the spread compared to other world nations," he remarked.