Gazing habits


One of the bad habits in our society is gazing. Whether it is any sort of get-to-gather party or public place like restaurant, shopping centres and amusement parks, travelling in buses, trains and aeroplanes people of different ages are found gazing each other specially males gazes females. It becomes embracing moment for those young girls who travels alone outside their houses to reach their destination when men gazes them. It is tantamount to disturb anyone’s privacy by gazing someone unnecessarily.

On the contrary, if we visit any foreign country like UK and USA their people are seemed to mind their own business and do not gaze each other. If they find any leisure time like during travelling or waiting for transportation they engage themselves in constructive activities like reading books, newspapers and using cell phones etc instead of gazing each other.

Our people should keep them busy instead of gazing as it is an unethical habit and our people should be made aware of it.




U19 World cup


Pakistan lost the semifinal of U19 world cup in a fashion Pakistan is well known for. The match proved to be totally one sided. Our boys could only muster 172 runs in 50 overs against their arch rivals. The tinge and thrust in the batting was totally missing. Despite Ijaz Ahmed’s presence as coach, the youngster failed to rise up to the mark.

U19 players need ample grooming; both physically and mentally. In the absence of mental strength, the team will be unable to perform during high pressure games. In response to 172 run, India piled up 176 runs in just 35.2 overs without losing single wicket. Another, example of our bowlers lacking professionalism. Decades ago, iconic players like Javed Miandad and Salim Malick were product of U19 cricket. PCB must pay attention to this aspect of game and bring resilience in players upto optimal level so that they many not fall easy prey for good teams as is the case of regular cricket team.




Hygienic food


Food is the basic need of life and one of the most important things that are necessary for growth.

Food hygiene are the conditions that measure the safety of food from production to consumption. Hygienic food means the food which is free from any kind of impurities and harmful bacteria. All over the world specially in Pakistan people are seriously affected every day by different diseases that are caused by consuming unhygienic and unsafe food. Nowadays food is becoming a major source of diseases. Most people of our country are obese. Some companies are making packets of food which are unhygienic but are sold together with the hygienic one.

We should know about the hygienic and unhygienic food while we are eating them. Mostly people eat fast food because it is efficient and cheap but they have no idea how much it is damaging to their health. Anything that is served at roadside stalls and even in smaller restaurants mostly does not have clean settings, the list of foods is endless that prepared in the most unhygienic way.

They do not follow prescribed food hygiene rules while Punjab Food Authority taking action against this and doing awareness campaigns for the public. We are in the cold and flu season so we should eat hygiene foods that could reduce your chances of catching any illness or disease. So staying healthy is everyone’s responsibility.