NUSA DUA, Indonesia, (Reuters) - Despite plans to sharply increase its lending programme, the Asian Development Bank will only slowly increase its own borrowings from international capital markets, its treasurer said on Sunday. Mikio Kashiwagi told Reuters that the triple A-rated ADB planned to borrow around $10b in 2009, about the same as last year, from bond issues and private placements. At this stage we would rather stay at this $10b borrowing programme, given the market conditions, he said on the sidelines of the ADBs annual meeting, being held this year on the Indonesian resort island of Bali. But Kashiwagi said the banks borrowing would increase as its lending operations grew. The ADBs borrowing programme will stabilise at $13-15b over a five-year horizon, he said. The ADB has said it will increase lending to developing nations in Asia by about 50pc to $33b over 2009 and 2010. But Kashiwagi said these would only be loan commitments, and the bank needed to only fund disbursements, which typically are spread over several years. Of course we are borrowing $10b, but we are not that keen to dramatically increase borrowing at current spread levels. Because we have choices, we like to be cautious about our funding operations. We are not in a hurry. He said governments seeking to fund stimulus and rescue programmes for their economies had led to perceptions that there would be a glut of issues on the market. The ADB itself was more likely to tap non-US dollar markets, although it would maintain a diverse portfolio, Kashiwagi said. Given the real significant change in market conditions, we are closer to tap non-dollar markets, like the euro, the Japanese yen, he said.