Well, summers have rolled by, as is usual, and the temperature went above 40 degrees before May, again as usual. However, the really funny bit was that there had been then no loadshedding. But its back. Not in its full glory, but just enough for us to feel. And it should be one of the familiar rites of the hot weather, loadshedding should be, not just because its necessary, but for ideological reasons. First, its needed for the War on Terror. Why, I dont know, and perhaps no one does. Second, all of that loadshedding should help convince us of a central fact of the War on Terror, that we are in the Third World, and deserve whatever were getting. Whatever benefits we might get are crumbs from the table, and we in reality dont deserve even that. Now is probably the time to bring up the fact that the British saw two summers in this part of the world, neither of which they dignified with the name of summer. After all, one of the main characteristics of an English summer was cricket, played in this part of the world in what was called winter. One part they named the monsoon, and the earlier they simply called, as in defeat, the hot weather. Well, the latter is upon us, and so is loadshedding. Only loadshedding will last us into the monsoon and past, and thus will cover all five seasons. Yes, because there are two summers, we have five seasons, not the four we normally assume. But we are good at disregarding the dictates of nature. A people which can have daylight saving so close to the equator deserve to have one long summer, instead of the two separate seasons that come around every year. Well, what the English called the 'hot weather has started, and with killing aplenty, from Buner to Karachi. In Buner, it was the military operation which not only took the toll, but led to Buneris joining Swatis as Internally Displaced Persons. In the other killing field, Karachi, there seem not to have been any IDPs, but there too the rioting took on an ethnic aspect, though the ethnicities involved have representatives in the Central government, so perhaps that is the reason why there are no IDPs. If that is the main reason, then maybe the Taliban should be given a couple of central and half a dozen provincial ministries. But we should not forget the purpose of the War on Terror, which is to provide visas to all of those parties of Rehman Malik, who is now a minister, after more than a year as the PMs Adviser. But either way, he was responsible for alone fighting the War, and the confusion created by the USA, Afghanistan and NATO should be removed so that credit can be given where it is due. And it is only due to Rehman Malik that the ISI and the IB continue to exist. But we can sleep securer for the knowledge that, whether a minister or an adviser, Rehman Malik is awake, and his parties have got valid and genuine visas, which makes them exceptions in their circle of acquaintance, where 'legal status is supposed to be a myth. The real trick has been to convert what has been happening in Karachi on the War, by blaming the Taliban for the violence. Taliban are fast approaching legendary status, where if anything goes wrong, anything at all, it is blamed on the Taliban. You see, Ive done it, by blaming loadshedding on the War. Well, there would be no War if there had been no Taliban, right? But then, how would Rehman Maliks parties have got visas, unless they changed their trousers and shoes, and gave other guarantees of good behaviour? However, the Prime Minister, while in Multan keeping up the family traditions, may have found himself short of an adviser, but richer by a minister. However, the real benefits of the ministry are being felt by Asif Zardari in the USA, as the parties rally around to help him make speeches in English. Even his rapper daughter does not help him that much. But Asif in the USA is another story, almost as interesting as the PM in Multan, but not as dangerous to anyones shoes. And we have the reason for the Darul Quza being announced for Malakand: not only is the President out of the country, but the PM is out of his capital, allowing them to shake their heads sorrowfully at the extremism of the NWFP government, thus destroying all the ANPs efforts to be on the right side of the War on Terror. Looks like a long summersorry, hot weather.