LAHORE - Former federal minister and Senior Vice President of PML-Q Ijaz-ul-Haq has said that conspirators trained in America, India and Afghanistan are behind the recent sectarian violence in the name of Talibanisation and warned that Karachi is their first target. He expressed these views at The Nation Forum on Sunday. He alleged that the US had geared up efforts to unite govt and opposition to achieve its ulterior designs. He said, We do not aspire any clash with America and dislike the USs meddling in the internal affairs of Pakistan, he said and held the view that mischief mongers had nothing to do with Islam. He opined that only solution to save Pakistan hinged in the presence of positive and effective opposition, saying such opposition could be brought into existence by the merger of different Muslim Leagues and termed it as inevitable. He said that if decisions were made preferring short-lived interests and power politics, next generation would not spare the leaderships of Muslim Leagues. He blamed previous chiefs of Pakistan Army for interfering in the matters of country and alleged, Now this job is being done by both Army Chiefs of the US and Pakistan. Responding a question, he said present war on terror was not of Pakistan and instead it was the war against the country. We do not have any target, rather America has the target to damage nuclear capability of Pakistan, he maintained. To another query, he termed Pakistan as gateway of Islamic bloc and suggested that Pakistan should create an Islamic bloc comprising Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh and Central Asian Republics. He also underlined the need for deepening relation with China in the region.