KARACHI - Former federal minister for information and PPP leader, Sherry Rehman, has emphasised on the media that it must form a code of conduct to protect itself, as in South Asia, only Pakistan has no such regulatory framework. Speaking at a seminar, 'PPF-Aslam Ali Press Freedom Awards organised by Pakistan Press Foundation in collaboration with UNESCO on Sunday, she said the media was under threat from various sides as at least 15 journalists were killed in one year which was ever highest number in the world. The event was organised in connection with the world press freedom day. Former journalist-turned politician said the media industry had increased immensely during the last few years, but now it was passing from suppressing environment as without any warning, a huge number of journalists was being sacked. She said that at present media was under difficult environment, so journalists community should unite on common cause. She said that a sectarian type of differences had come between journalists. Sherry regretted that being hub of media organisations, only one gathering was being organised on Press Freedom Day in the City. She said that it was correct that present government was issuing advices to media to support the government as some TV anchors and columnists were openly criticising government.She further said the freedom of Press was a priority in the PPPs manifesto. During first 100 days of present government, as federal information minister she had moved a bill in National Assembly for bringing amendments in PEMRA rules. However, she admitted that PPP government has not abolished anti-media laws, introduced by former General Musharraf after his second coup on November 3, 2007. Sherry said the sustainable democracy was linked with independent media. She opined that complete abolition of PEMRA law was not the solution for freedom of media. She suggested that media itself should form a code of ethics which will be acceptable to government. She said that during her tenure of federal minister for information, she had submitted a summary with the prime minister for establishment of Journalist Victim Fund for the betterment of journalists. She also condemned the recent threats by Taliban to media and said that people of Pakistan gave vote to political parties, so media should encourage and advocate views of these democratic parties.Amber Junaid, Communication Officer of UNESCO in Pakistan, said that UNESCO supports the freedom of Press as it had given a slogan that freedom of Press to promote dialogue in the world. Meanwhile, Awais Aslam, secretary of PPF, senior journalists including Idris Bakhtiar, Zahid Hussain, Faisal Aziz, SM Fazal and Qudratullah Chaudhry said that the journalists were still facing threats.