SWAT (Agencies) - Taliban fighters have resumed armed patrolling in the Swat Valleys main town, an official said Sunday, further imperiling a peace deal with the government. Shops remained closed in Mingora markets as Taliban patrolled the area. The government has ordered a curfew for the entire valley from 9 pm to 6 am, added Khushhal Khan, a top Swat administrator, and officials were discussing what to do if the militants violate the order. According to Swat Media Centres Press release, people have been asked to remain indoors during the curfew hours. Meanwhile, the security forces have arrested three militants in Mingora and recovered ammunitions and propaganda materials from theirs possession. The Taliban spokesman in Swat could not immediately be reached for comment. The Taliban hold heavy sway over Swat after some two years of fighting with the army and other security forces. The peace deal reached with them in February was aimed at fulfilling their demands for an Islamic justice system in the hope they would stop their bloody campaign. But critics including the US have cast the deal as a surrender. The region is near Afghanistan, prompting US concern that the peace pact has created a haven for militants who can threaten its forces across the border.