HERAT (AFP) - Nato-led troops shot and killed a 12-year-old girl and wounded two other civilians in western Afghanistan Sunday when they opened fire at a vehicle close to a convoy, police said. A spokesman for Italian soldiers based in the western city of Herat confirmed the shooting but said troops fearful of an attack had first warned the car to stay away from them. The girl and her family were driving into Herat from a neighbouring province for a wedding party when the troops passed from the other direction, said police spokesman for western Afghanistan Abdul Rauf Ahmadi. Foreign forces opened fire at the civilian vehicle and killed a 12-year-old girl, wounded a man and a woman, Ahmadi told AFP. The girl was shot in the face, said her uncle, Ahmad Wali, who had been driving. It was rainy and we had poor visibility. All of a sudden, I saw sparks in front of our vehicle and then a foreign forces armoured convoy coming from the opposite direction, Wali told reporters. After the convoy had passed by, we realised that half of my nieces face was missing, her mother was wounded in the chest and I had blood on my face caused by broken pieces of windshield, Wali said. The troops in Herat had signalled to the vehicle several times to stop, an Italian military spokesman told reporters. Then, the forces got worried and fired warning shots into the air and then at the vehicle. We dont know if anyone was hurt in the vehicle, he said.