KARACHI (PPI) - People are facing severe problems in renewing and updating their computerised national identity cards (CNICs) from different NADRA offices across the city especially after its recent announcement asking them to get renewed CNICs. It was learnt during a survey conducted of different NADRA offices across the city that people are being troubled at large due to flawed and inefficient NADRA system besides closing down or relocating its Swift Registration Offices. I have to get my houses agreement done along with a signed affidavit with a party but those people are not accepting my expired card as I am 60 years old, said Abrar Khan, resident of Surjani Town, at NADRA office at North Nazimabad. I am getting problems in fixing most of my official documents as NADRA is not renewing my CNIC, he added. Last time my CNIC was issued on 06-09-2002 and it expired on 31-07-2008 but I cant renew it, he said. The staff says that it is not their policy and they have got orders from high-ups not to renew such cards, he added. I dont know why such policy has been made which is troubling the people. I have been visiting this office for last one month. Three months have passed when I had applied but they have not issued me my renewed CNIC, said Rutba Tahir at North Nazimabad NADRA office who was begging to the staff for her card. They had given me the deadline of 25 days but one month has passed and I have not received my renewed CNIC, she added. The staff says that my renewed CNIC has been issued from Islamabad on 29-04-2009 but due to grave conditions of the city it has not arrived here, she said. They never give me specific reason. I am an old woman I cant bear visiting this office time and again, she added. The NADRA system is not at all systematic, as people are not called according to their numbers for documentation, said Adnanullah Khan, resident of Buffer Zone at North Nazimabad NADRA office, which was relocated from near A.O. Clinic to 5-Star Chowrangi. They charge Rs1000 for issuing urgent CNIC but there is no separate cabin for urgent CNIC where people could be facilitated immediately, he said. The people for urgent CNIC should be given priority and they should not be mixed with regular consumers, he suggested. The biggest problem is that the process of issuance of urgent card also takes the same time that of ordinary card, said Zulqarnain at Ram Swami NADRA office, which previously operated opposite Sindh assembly and was shifted here without notice to general public. He added that ordinary card is issued in 40 to 45 days and urgent card is issued in 20 to 25 days but the issuance of both the cards take same time almost in all the cases. The fast track CNIC, which is issued in 8 to 10 days for Rs1,000 never comes in time, said another consumer Furqan Ahmed at Ram Swami NADRA. It also takes at least 15 days, he added. I will never ever come again to renew my ID card, said Naveed Ahmed, resident of North Karachi. I tried to renew and update my residential address as a responsible and educated citizen of Karachi. It took more then 3 days running here and there bringing various kinds of documents, attestation by only specific persons of that grade and after fulfilling all their requirements and procedure, they asked me to collect the CNIC card, when I reached at the destination I was told: Y could not receive card due to some kind of conflict in new and old residential addresses. So again they asked me to bring those documents and repeat the process with the same home documents I showed them first day, he said. This time they verified and accepted my documents with this and that, he added. As a result of all this confusing procedure I changed my mind and applied to renew my ID card only for changing my home address, he added. It was also learnt that people at large are unaware about this renewal of CNIC. Besides, they face severe sitting problems at NADRA offices, as they have to queue for hours to get their documentation done. The other civic facilities like drinking water and bathrooms are another such problem for the consumers. It has been learnt from reliable sources at NADRA that many NADRA offices across the Sindh province have been shut down without any specific reason. The sources said that there is a huge majority of people across Sindh province who dont have their CNIC and instead of renewing CNIC, NADRA should have catered all the people first because simultaneously renewing and making of CNIC can create many loopholes, mistakes and fake profiles. They said that there are hurdles in renewal of CNIC as the process is slow and the NADRA is lacking workforce to do both renewal and making of CNIC cards. They accepted that NADRA bureaus have already failed to provide convenient service to people as they are lesser in number and renewal of CNIC has added to the miseries of people. They said that the number of NADRA bureaus should be increased along with workforce at bureaus. They said that NADRA system has many flaws of misprinting names and other information and no tangible step has been taken to remove these loopholes and making NADRA system less time taking and more efficient. They accepted that NADRA should start evening shift service for the people to alleviate peoples sufferings. They said that NADRA is continuing to issue CNIC to aliens including Afghans and other national and such CNICs have been misused at large. It may be mentioned here that PPI had coordinated with NADRA media coordinator Naveed Baig a month back to get the answers of all the queries asked from the above mentioned sources. However, Naveed Baig didnt reply the questions in the timeframe that he had given. All the questions were sent to Naveed Baig email addresses naveed.baigthepassage.com.pk and naveed.baighotmail.com but no reply was received.