ISLAMABAD - The members of PML-Q forward bloc in the Punjab Assembly are vexed with PPPs decision to remain part of Mian Shahbaz Sharifs cabinet in the province. Sources in the unification group told TheNation that its members had informally advised 'N command to categorically ask PPP to withdraw from the provincial cabinet. These PPP ministers, still part of the Punjab cabinet, were the ambitious men who dislodged Shahbaz Sharif government and hectically engaged in efforts for forging an alliance with PML-Q in the province, said a dissident 'Q' MPA seeking not to be named. He also said that the same PPP leaders had left no stone unturned to lure the unification group members during Governor Rule for accomplishing the agenda of forming PPP government in Punjab. PPP, PML-N alliance is unnatural and the presence of PPP ministers in the provincial cabinet would continue to cause friction in the smooth sailing of Shahbaz Sharif government, he added. He also said that the unification group was not opposing the inclusion of PPP in the provincial cabinet on the ground that it wanted ministerial berths for its members rather, he said, 'We have serious doubts on the intentions of PPP leadership. Mian Atta Muhammad Maneka talking to TheNation said that not only he, all other members of the unification group were very much worried over PPPs move to stay in the provincial cabinet. Now, these PPP ministers will behave in a more aggressive way. They will claim the credit of each good thing done by the Punjab govt and put the blame on PML-N if anything mistakenly happens to be a misdeed, he stated. He said that PPPs decision to remain in provincial cabinet was a very smart move meant to keep Shahbaz Sharif govt under constant pressure. During Governor Rule, unification group had decided that it would forge an alliance with PML-N after lifting of the Governor Rule, as it believed PML-N would not continue partnership with PPP in Punjab. But now PPP has taken our place by pushing the unification group aside, he observed. Maneka said that the members of the unification group were asking each other for their political future. The PPP ministers in the Punjab govt would use their clout to strengthen their defeated colleagues in the constituencies of the unification group, thus making next elections tougher for the unification group members, he added. He said that a number of unification group MPAs had contacted him in this regard 'but I have asked them to contact Dr Tahir Ali Javed, who is their parliamentary leader. If I am invited to join provincial cabinet, I would not join it in the presence of PPP men, he stated. Maneka further said that PPP ministers would also target the unification group MPAs in the coming days, as it was only the unification group that had foiled the PPPs agenda to form government with PML-Q in Punjab. Unification group members rejected millions of rupees, offered to them during the Governor Rule, for leaving Nawaz in lurch, he added.