The emergence of TNSM/Taliban in Swat and Malakand who are trying to enforce 'Shariat' in their own mould upon other Muslims strikes an uncanny resemblance with the Kharji movement of the Islamic history that resulted in the assassination of the fourth Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Ali (RA). The Kharjis also had a similar slogan of Inul Hukmu Illa Lillah i.e. 'The law of Allah'. They also did not agree with the writ of the then Islamic government claiming their absolute right to interpret the commandments of Allah. Hazrat Ali (RA) had argued that the Holy Quran is a book between two folders and unless one opens it and studies it to determine the commandments of Allah, how could one abide by those commandments? It is a historic lesson that such splinter groups have often emerged in the Muslim Ummah who usurped the right to interpret Sharia according to their sweet will in contradiction of the Sawad-e-Azam, the main body of Muslims. We see a resurrection of the same phenomenon in the rise of TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) or TNSM (which are one and the same thing) that seem to thwart the collective will of Muslims of Pakistan and the writ of the elected government through terrorism that has to be repudiated at all costs. The hand of Allah is at the back of the chosen representative of people who hold the sovereignty of Allah as a sacred trust to be implemented as per injunctions of Islam enshrined in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 29.