PESHAWAR - While rejecting the establishment of Darul Qaza, Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM) chief Maulana Sufi Mohammad has said that it was unilateral decision of the government and he was not consulted before making the announcement. He was briefing the media persons at TNSM headquarters at Amandara, Butkhaila on Sunday. He also said that TNSM would fulfil its responsibility of disarming the Taliban militants only if military operation in Buner and Lower Dir areas were stopped. He said that government should have consulted the TNSM leadership prior to announcing the establishment of Darul Qaza. Agencies add: TNSM rejected the governments decision of establishing Darul Qaza and appointment of Qazis in Malakand. The TNSM 'Shoora headed by Maulana Sufi Muhammad in a meeting at its headquarters located at Amandara, Batkhail regretted that the government had not consulted TNSM over the establishment of Darul Qaza and appointment of Qazis. Issue related to establishment of Darul Qaza, appointment of Qazi, military operation in Buner and Lower Dir and other important matters were discussed during the meeting, sources said. Spokesman of TNSM Amir Izzat Khan while talking to media men said the government had not consulted TNSM over establishment of Darul Qaza. Darul Qaza has been established without accepting our demands and appointment of Qazis are violation of peace pact he said, adding that, provincial government on May 01 had assured us Darul Qaza would be established and Qazis would be appointed with consultation and after halting military operation in Dir and Buner. Establishment of Darul Qaza without consultation is biased, therefore, we will not support it. The announcement of Darul Qazas establishment and posting of Qazis has nothing to do with TNSM. We are not satisfied with the setting up of Darul Qaza, he said. He also said that they were waiting for the second round of talks, but the government unilaterally announced to establish Darul Qaza. Commenting on peace in the region, he said that the maintenance of peace was the exclusive responsibility of the government. On the other hand, NWFP provincial Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain talking to media made it clear that the establishment of Darul Qazi was not the demand of any individual and an individual party. He said, It was the demand of people of Malakand. No one has right to reject the government announcement. He also added that the government, including people of Malakand, would be answerable before the Qazis. The government has fulfilled its responsibility, now others will have to do the same. We will mobilise our resources for peace in the division, he said. He also said the doors of talks are still open. Meanwhile, Awami National Partys spokesman Zahid Khan has said that Sufi Mohammed had earlier said that the provincial government would have power to appoint Qazis and now we have taken steps for it. He said, There is no justification of taking up arms now after the establishment of Darul qaza and if anyone uses arms even then, the government will have no option except action. Answering a question, Zahid Khan said that TNSM was consulted on the matter. He said, Sufi Mohammed is working for peace in the region, but some people are not sincere in peace in the region. Meanwhile, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has rejected to lay down arms as demanded by the NWFP government under the Swat peace deal. Any such decision under the shadow of a military operation is not acceptable to us, said Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan. The government should first stop the operation and then appoint judges for the court in consultations with Sufi Mohammad, he added. The weapons are the ornament of the Muslims so we will not lay down arms, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said. We lifted arms for the implementation of Darul Qaza and people laid down their lives for the same purpose, he said. Muslim Khan said US President Obama has hinted at abolishing Islamic law in Swat and vowed to keep themselves armed if US advances into Pakistan.