Human miseries mount, when war is waged both for the predators as well as the victims. Israel, the chronic warmonger, and the Palestinians on the receiving end, are pathetic sufferers of 'economic malaise' as the end result, what war brings into its wake. It is ironic that on April 8, 2003, Israeli rockets launched by F-16 killed a Palestinian driver and destroyed his car and only few moments later, another rocket was fired which killed 7 bystanders around the destroyed car and wounding another 50 civilians, termed 'collateral damage'. But a very poignant human calamity occurred the same day. A 14-year-old Israeli boy committed suicide and left a note for his mother. "Dear Mom, I'm sorry I'm causing you a lot of problems and costing you a lot of money. I decided that I'd rather die. I'm sorry that I've caused you a huge amount of suffering." The mother said she had tried to keep the financial problems to herself "what I hid from the boy, these troubles became harder and harder as every day passed" (Dean Andromidas, Israel: of war and economic collapse, EIR April 18, 2003. Vol 3, No 15). One cannot imagine any non-Jew, not to empathise with this human tragedy. The ideological monsters like Sharon and Netan Yahu (known as Bibi) symbolise dehumanised sensibility. Hundreds of Israeli pensioners many on wheel chairs, blocked the main intersection in Tel Aviv, with banners in their hands saying: "Sorry to be alive." Another demonstration carried banners under the slogan "Bread and work - Bibi is good for the rich." The masses resenting the cuts in budgets affecting nearly 5 lac workers, characterised it as "the economic terrorism of the Likud government which will strike more victims than any other terrorism." The Israeli people therefore clamour for 'peace', whereas the economic ideology is prone towards scratching "a billion dollar out of the children and old people's paltry slice of bread" (Ibid p 12). It is Sharon's fascist "Grater Israel's policies," which is boomeranging on the quality of lives of its citizens. Nearly 2.5 billion, which could be used for the welfare of the peoples, is being squandered in fighting the Palestinian Intifada with no victory in sight. It is pertinent to extract few comments from Susan Welsh. "The Iraq war, as we document in our strategic studies section has nothing to do with Iraq or Saddam Hussein." It was unleashed deliberately by a gang of neo-conservatives adherents of the philosophy of late Prof Leo Strauss. He in turn, was a student and collaborator of Nazi Jurist Carl Schmitt, the man who promoted the legal "theory", to justify Hitler's infamous emerging decrees. Schmitt's Nietzschean worldview, as reworked by Strauss at the University of Chicago, provides the theoretical underpinnings for today's Clash of Civilisation imperative, while the neo-cons revel in triumphalist blather about the alleged 'cakewalk' in Iraq, astute observers around the world see the situation quite differently. Horrified at what they see ahead - endless war and economic collapse (Editorial note Ibid). This prediction was made in 2003, by Lyndon LaRouche, a democrat who could not get presidential nomination, had made very prophetic prediction that the global economy was going to fail unless New Bretton Woods came into being to restructure world monetary system. Ms Muriel Mirak Weissback, a very dedicated scholar, attended an International Seminar at Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) on the subject of Regional Cooperation for Peace and Development in Central Asia. She made very valuable interventions during the deliberations at Ashgabat (Nov 26-28, 1997). The frightening remarks she made was to confirm Lyndon LaRouche's contention that the global economy was destined to collapse as the economic system was geared to protecting the vital interests of the industrialised nations and that Bretton Woods system requires a thorough overhaul to ensure a win-win situation for all the nations - the rich and the poor. At present it was a murderous policy or words to that effect. It generated a very lively discussion, some of these not too palatable to the representatives from the developed world. Franklin D Roosevelt was an outstanding US president, who saved the country from the Great Depression having a great insight in the political economy. His leadership enabled to win the World War II, and US emerged as a great powerhouse of production and consequently the most developed industrial nation of the world. He created Bretton Woods in 1944, making it possible for promoting mutual trade between industrialised nations. Had Roosevelt not meet his untimely death, this 'institution' would have been improved and corrected to accommodate the interests of the poor and colonised nations, particularly giving up the vicious policy of Anglo Dutch system of "Central banking" as opposed to the national banking, which America should have adopted (EIR Ibid p 16). Richard Nixon in 1971 made a very inept decision "removing the United States from the gold-reserve standard and allowing currencies to float freely against each other. As a consequence of this pernicious policy, financial speculations become rampant which is the single most determinant of the economic chaos, during the past three decades. United States and Europe consequently became "consumer societies", relying more and more on the production by other countries, particularly where labour was 'cheap', due to the relatively impoverished labour force. Thus the economic meltdown of USA and its camp followers of free-economy, private enterprise under the 'capitalistic system' was anticipated much before it surfaced, sequel to the rapacious policies of 'George Bush' and his notorious coterie, which impelled him to go war with Iraq and Afghanistan, mainly for economic reasons but overly camouflaged under phoney War on Terror. Trillions of dollars have been wasted by USA and colossal human death and destruction only to fulfil the greed for oil and gas reservoirs of Iraq and Central Asian Republics, besides the acquisition of the mineral and cooper wealth in the Afghanistan. The superpower lost all its glamour and the rag-tag armies of Afghanistan, comprising mainly the Taliban and some elements of Al-Qaeda, which are the creation of CIA, against the Soviets in Afghanistan, were embraced and loved and the leaders of the freedom fighters were even invited to the White House to be photographed with Ronald Reagan who called them as "moral equivalents of Jefferson", only till such time that the Islamic Resistance Force succeeded in ousting the Red Army from the soil of Afghanistan. USA, became unipolar power only because of these rugged soldiers, who are now stereotyped as 'primitive', extremists and terrorists. The 'reversal' so caused in attributing negative epithets, through powerful western electronic media, is the worst moral aberration that USA has indulged in. After extracting maximum advantage, they were abandoned and Hillary has rightly exposed the Machiavellian policy of USA. It did not pay, as their ferocity and anger is now targeted against the 'exploiters' and their defeat is very imminent for which Pakistan is being scape-goated, which has made enormous 'sacrifices' for joining the 'unjust war'. The Afghan war has no positive gains rather accentuation of the great calamity that grips US and its allied nations. The Great crash of 2008 is a geopolitical setback for the West (Foreign Affairs, Jan-Feb 09 by Roger Altman). What he says, is really alarming: "The financial and economic crash of 2008, the worst in over 75 years is a major set-back for the United States and Europe. Over the medium term, Washington and European government will have neither the resources nor the economic credibility to play the role in global affairs that they otherwise would have played. The weaknesses [perhaps] will eventually be repaired, but in the interim, they will accelerate trends that are shifting the world's centre of gravity away from the United States." The 'recession', which is very brutal of its kind has brought great miseries on people, and tales of numerous suicides, who see no 'future' are indeed very heart-rendering . The damage has put the American model of free-market capitalism as Altman rightly painted out 'under cloud'. China, so much despised for an 'authoritarian' economic paradigm has had the last laugh, whose foreign exchange reserves are approaching $2 trillion, "making it the world's strongest country in terms of liquidity." It is now in a position to assist in rescuing the drowning economics of the West. The 'crisis' has many causes, - 'unbridled consumerism', very low interest rates and 'unprecedented levels of liquidity'. "God and gold does recognise that the projection of American power causes resentment and can be destabilising for that reason" (Mark Gilbert). The writer is a political analyst. E-mail: