Mr. Aitazaz Ahsan has called Gen. ( R ) Parvez Musharraf A cowardly man. To prove his point, he should challenge Musharraf to a duel with weapons and the place of mutual agreement. If Musharraf does not accept the brave challenge from Mr Aitzaz, it will be proved that Parvez Musharraf is cowardly man. On the other hand, if Mr Aitzaz does not throw the challenge it will stand proven that Mr Ahsan is not a brave person. Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan has branded Musharraf A cowardly person for being outside Pakistan. According to same logics what does he have to say about his party leader and Mr Nawaz Sharif who both stayed away from the country for 7 and 8 years respectively?-A R KAZIMI, Lahore, May 2.