The UN Commission report has generated a healthy debate in our national media about Benazir Bhuttos tragic murder. Its really good that various aspects of the incident are being analysed. Some analysts criticise the sudden departure of the reserve security vehicle after her murder and others raise objections on washing of the crime scene. Even the UN report has taken notice of the electricity black out in the area before washing the crime scene. Being resident of a locality just opposite the Liaquat Bagh, I noticed this electricity black out around 40 minutes after the announcement of Benazirs death. This black out continued for around 30 minutes and when the electricity came, the TV was showing live footage of washing of the crime scene. All this can be confirmed from other residents of the area around Liaquat Bagh. I suspect that during this 30 minutes blackout, some operation was conducted to remove all the linked evidence and then the crime scene was washed to ensure complete clearance of the place. For a thorough inquiry into the incident, the investigators should not ignore these vital facts. -M. K. SARWAR, Rawalpindi, May 2.