Your editorial Shocking and strange is the voice of every patriot Pakistani. It is a strange coincidence that whenever Peoples Party comes to power, either it shows weakness vis--vis India or our leaders turn into the Devils advocates. Consider the ongoing dialogue process. It is a great shame that while the Indian camp is not even willing to concede any ground, our Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is ready to give great concession on a number of issues vital to our safety and security as a nation. He has been keeping a strange sort of silence on the issue of Indian water theft and except for an occasional whimper keeps mum before the Indian leadership. Likewise, the PPP leadership has not taken up the Kashmir issue in an impressive manner. The PPP set-up must muster up courage and try to learn to deal with the Indians in a forceful manner.-SHAIKH REHMA-TULLH, Lahore, May 3.