As I was watching a television programme I heard someone telling the host of the show that we dont have to celebrate mothers day because we believe that everyday is mothers day. What I want to know is that how many of us believe and do this? I also see people who make a lot of fuss about this day, they show their mothers with gifts and flowers and some also take them out to dinner, that is all fine and well but the way I see it, is that its Mothers Day and not my Mothers Day. Its a day for all mothers and not just our own. Its a day for mothers who work with us in offices and are treated with disrespect by their colleagues, its a day for mothers whom we cross on the roads and make gestures and comments on the way they drive. Its a day for mothers who work in other peoples homes to buy food and clothing for their children. We treat them with indifference and dont give them any importance. The way I see it, mothers day is for these mothers and we should give them the respect and consideration they deserve each and every day which we obviously dont do, then the least we can do is celebrate mothers day and treat them the way we should for that one day and give real meaning to this day.-KAUSAR SHERWANI, Lahore, May 2.