Once again, the brutality of IJT in Punjab University has been on display. They thrashed even the security personnel of Punjab University. IJT is not ashamed of its previous act of violence against a teacher so they have done it again. It means they have not been punished or have no threat of being punished but have been given support to do more. How is it possible otherwise that students of different background and localities come to university and start acting in the way the IJT is doing? They cannot do so with out backing from those in corridors of power. Jamaat Islami wants to have complete hold on the Punjab University so that its ideology remains alive in youth. Their aim is to make the youth radical and use them whenever they need to do so. IJT is a militant organization of the educated. The campus of Punjab University is no less backward than FATA as far as interaction between men and women is concerned. Politicians are using students for their vested interests. I think they should be ashamed of themselves. They are spoiling the youth. Punjab government which is famous for its rightwing ideology has done nothing to save a prestigious institution of Lahore. Please stop supporting the right wing elements in Punjab University as this is a matter of the fate of millions of Pakistanis who send their children to this institution. IJT must be banned. This organization is no less than other terrorists who have weapons and are fighting the state. These students are pursuing the same agenda but in a different style.-QAMAR CHEEMA, Islamabad, May 2.