ABBOTTABAD - Even though life has somehow returned to normalcy in Abbottabad, the stains of shock and fear that the Mondays discovery regarding the presence and killing of Osama bin Laden in the Pakistans military hub and peacefully secured city of Abbottabad has brought to its people seems long lasting. A number of the residents still think that what happened on Monday was just a 'drama and it seems impossible that such a high profile terrorist was living among them for the last five years. Others feel vulnerable to security lapses that may lie in store for the citys residents in post Osama scenario. Were our security agencies sleeping if such a high profile terrorist was staying among us for so many years? asked chief of Hazara Movement, Sardar Haider Zaman. I dont know what to say, whether to believe in what happened on Monday or to simply laugh it off. This is a very cruel joke. This stigma of insult that Abbottabad gave refuge to the worlds most wanted militant would be used as an excuse by Pakistans enemies to degrade us in every possible way, he said adding that the government was making mockery of itself by pretending 'ignorant of Mondays operation. If they were ignorant about this operation then what those hundreds of Pakistani soldiers were doing there at Thanda Choh when operation had started. Let us not make more fun of ourselves he opined and demanded of the government to come clean on the issue. Zaman suggested that those government officials who were responsible for intelligence related negligence must be brought to book. Talking to TheNation, President of Abbottabad Traders Union Sardar Shafqat said business community was 'terribly terrified after the incident. The business community is terribly terrified. Now any of our bazaar, market, avenue piazza or residential area could be targeted by militants who seek revenge, he said asking the govt to adopt foolproof security measures to grapple with the expected backlashes in the backdrop of Osamas killing in Abbottabad.