I am writing this with great anger and remorsethat currently all theprivate Sindhi SatelliteTV channels ofPakistan have beenfrequently showing dacoits and dacoit culturein Sindhi dramas with great pride as if they are rendering a good service to Sindhi society.I dont thinkthese Sindhi TV channels ofthe country have been doing any good service to the Sindhi culture andsociety by showing all this. Bydepictinga dacoit culture in eachof the Sindhi dramas, we areactually giving animpression to both thenational andthe international viewersthat all theSindhisare basically dacoits and barbarians and that they believeonlyin violence and fights. Whereasthefacts are completelycontrary to that. Sindhis are as peace loving a nation on this earthasany other. They are hospitable, caring, hardworking and above all peace loving.I would request theproducers, writers and directors of Sindhi TVdramas that they should avoiddepicting dacoit culturein alltheir dramas all the times. Rather, they should focus their energies in depicting the soft and beautiful image of the Sindhi communityaround the world through their dramas. AbdulSamad Samo, Karachi