Osama Bin Ladiu is dead or alive, nobody knows, but a drama has been staged. Bush and his poodle Tony Blair raised so much dust about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that truth became invisible. Once the dust settled, there were no WMID but, meanwhile Iraq was converted into dust. Lying is a tradition of US Presidents and Obama is a skilful liar. The bullet ridden picture shown on the TV is not real. Only some black hair in his beard means it is an old and fabricated picture. Arab News (3-5-2011) has given three excellent pictures to prove the point. The neighbors say that one Akbar was living in that Abbottabad house with his brother; they had Suzuki Bolau and Pothohar jeep. They had never seen any extraordinary activity there. Benazir Bhutto had announced that Osama was killed by Oinar Sheikh. So why this fake drama now. This is a calculated move. By the way, where is the wreckage of the helicopter crashed in the compound of that house? Remember how the huge airplane had disappeared from the lawn of the Pentagon after the 9/11 drama. This new drama raises numerous questions. Like Iraqi WMD, truth will come to the surface sooner or later. The purpose of drama is nothing more than to put Pakistan on the defensive, pave the way for invading Pakistan to take control of its nuclear assets, and give shape to their evil agenda of dividing Pakistan. Much homework has already been done in Balochistan, Karachi, etc. Economic hardship has done a softening process. I call upon the Pakistan army chief to be courageous and bring the truth to the surface. If Pakistan was not involved in this operation and if no Pakistani authority has seen fresh dead body, then how and why Pakistani government. is celebrating his death? The media should not play into American hands, rather use the common sense while reporting. Finally I call upon every right thinking person on this earth not to rush into blaming Pakistan; rather try to understand the American conspiracy against Pakistan. Dr Muhammad Saleem Lahore .