Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that elimination of terrorism is top most national priority and the government is working in national consensus to root out this menace. In a policy statement in the Senate on Wednesday she said Pakistan was the major victim in this war against terrorists in which over thirty thousand innocent civilians and 5000 security personnel have embraced martyrdom. She said Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices in the war and extended full cooperation to the international community. She said despite unprecedented cooperation in the campaign Pakistan couldnot compromise its national sovereignty and integrity. She said that Pakistan was a peace-loving country which was working for bringing peace and stability in the region but it cannot allowed any force or individual to play with the writ of State and sovereignty. She said Pakistani security forces have the capacity and capability to handle these elements with the support of Pakistani nation. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that some elements were misusing the name of Islam for their nefarious designs but the government has the resolve and commitment to handle these elements in befitting manner. Referring to Osama Bin Ladin ,she said that he has become a part of history in an operation exclusively conducted by US forces. She said Pakistan has made successful efforts to curb the menace of terrorism and arrested a number of Al-Qaeda leaders from its soil. The Minister made it clear that the action taken against Osama Bin Ladin in Abbottabad was unilateral one by the US forces on which Pakistan has expressed deep concern and anguish. She said such action could lead to jeopardize the cooperation in this war. She said no further unilateral action in any way would be allowed in future by anyone and the government would never compromise on the national sovereignty. She said Pakistan Intelligence Agencies shared credible information with the US CIA which led apprehension of high-value targets including from Abbottabad which remained sharp focus of the agencies since 2003. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said Pakistan army and ISI have played a major role in breaking the network of Al-Qaeda which resulted in most of US and allies achievements in the region. She said government considered support of our people as its actual strength and has the resolve to flush out terrorists at all costs. She said as elimination of terrorism was national policy and the government was working on a strategy to develop a continuous national consensus to root out this menace. She said the government was ready to sit with all political forces inside and outside the parliament to get their cooperation to steer out the country from these challenges.