Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, aboard the VVIP aircraft to France, in an exclusive interview with TheNation expanded on the purpose of his visit to Paris, gave a message for the PML N and revealed instructions received by himself from the President for the upcoming elections. RMN: What is on the agenda for this state visit to France? PM: On this visit we are hoping to discuss trade concerns, most importantly inviting French investors to Pakistan, specifically to invest in the energy and defence sectors and also to enhance bilateral relations at the level of our Foreign Ministers and to take our relations to summit level hopefully. France is an extremely important power in the EU and in the world, its membership of the G5, the G8 and the respect it has earned in the EU give it enormous influence and significance. We will be working hard to convince the French to support our market entrance to the EU, to help our products find their way to European consumers. RMN: Is there any hope of Pakistan successfully negotiating a civil nuclear deal with France? PM: For the stability of the region and for the peaceful purposes of overcoming our energy deficiency and huge electricity shortage, Pakistan will be extending a warm invitation to France to come and invest in Pakistan, which is a country of enormous ability and natural resources. This is my first trip and a delayed one at that, it was scheduled once before, but due to some important matters in Pakistan it had to be rescheduled to a later date. I am hopeful that by travelling to France and talking with Western media directly after the recent spate of negative reporting about Pakistan, I will be able to go far in dispelling the myths that have been perpetrated in the Western media about Pakistan. RMN: So, the status of the civil nuclear deal is ? PM: I cannot comment on that, I will be able to offer a comment after our meetings. We will most definitely be in negotiations with them to send their lower corporate sector to come invest in Pakistan, particularly the energy side and defence. RMN: Regarding the Osama Bin Laden operation, did the Americans inform us or ask our permission to conduct the operation? PM: Americas stated policy in the matter of Osama Bin Laden is that wherever Osama would be found, they would get him themselves. RMN: So we expected this after we shared intelligence regarding his whereabouts? PM: Our spy agencies cooperate with many other agencies across the world. I have already elaborated on the stated policy of the US in the matter of Osama, whose body even his own government, the Saudi government, was unwilling to accept for burial. We should not get carried away by our emotions and remember that Osama Bin Laden was a dangerous foreign national, who harmed Pakistan more than any other country in the world. We have stated continuously and categorically that our soil will not be used for terrorist activities against anyone else. We expect others to do the same, but there are Chechens, Uzbeks, Afghans, Arabs, Al-Qaeda and others, who want to establish networks in our country to defame us. We dont want our territory to be abused our economy has suffered massive losses because of it, hundreds have been killed, our soldiers have been targeted as well as our political leadership This is an issue that we as a nation should be very sensitive about. RMN: Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead and the US has neutralised the person #1 on its most wanted list, do you expect the drone attacks to cease or reduce in frequency? PM: Certainly we have to be more vigilant about his cronies. They have to be taken care of. There should be greater intelligence cooperation between Pakistan and its allies. Actionable information should be passed to Pakistan. It took us nine years to find Osama. Pakistani gathered information had a huge part to play in that. RMN: World leaders are giving statements welcoming the news and in the US the death of Osama Bin Laden is actually being celebrated. What reason does/should Pakistan have for thinking his death is a good thing? PM: This is a good thing for Pakistans own security. Osama bin Laden destroyed the meaning of Islam. The whole world was convinced that Islam was not a religion of tolerance. He distorted the image of our religion and we must realize that he is not a Pakistani national. He does not follow or espouse or support a Pakistani ideological position. He is not an ideological figure for Pakistan, he follows someone elses ideology, not ours. This was a man responsible for killing hundreds of people, most of them Muslims. RMN: For all our intelligence sharing efforts and cooperation, what do we get in return for finding and helping to target Osama? PM: Today we have started with the holding of a tri-lateral meeting in Islamabad, between Pakistan, the US and Afghanistan on the issue of the regions security. Now is the time for political reconciliation. We must use this opportunity to stabilize and move towards a peaceful, prosperous equilibrium. Pakistan should and will rise as an asset to the world. RMN: How do you view the Indian Ministry of External Affairs statement just a few minutes after the news of Osama Bin Ladens death, that now Pakistan should look to capturing the Mumbai attack perpetrators? PM: We have only recently had a meeting in Islamabad between the home ministers of Pakistan and India. It went very well. Both ministries are resolved to solve this issue. Soon the power secretaries and defence secretaries of both countries will also be meeting. We are moving in a positive direction. So, I would urge the India government to restrain from negativity and focus on positive messages, so that our peace talks are not affected. RMN: Libya has become the most recent country against whom drones were used. In what way do you think it is similar to Pakistan? PM: It is not fair to compare Libya in any way to Pakistan, Mr Gaddafi had been in power for more than 30 years. In Pakistan, we are a democracy, we have institutions in place, the judiciary, the media and civil society are all here and they are vibrant and active. RMN: Do you think drone attacks are exacerbating the terrorism issues Pakistan is facing? PM: Well, after Osama Bin Ladens death the responsibility on our shoulders has increased. People expect that we should get rid of the terrorists and extremists and give peace to the country. The terrorists have their own ideology, their own agenda - one that is against Pakistan. I appeal to all our people to identify the black sheep who are present in our midst and who are playing havoc on our soil. RMN: Do you fear retribution after Osama Bin Ladens death? PM: We all have to be extremely alert as there are people whose agenda and ambitions have been disappointed. We must unite to protect each others interests and in doing so protect Pakistan. RMN: Do you have a message for the PML (N)? PM: I would say to them, alliances are made and political needs merit them but, I assure you it will never be to destabilize any provincial government of Pakistan. This government, wherever it is, in all its elected forms, should complete five years. RMN: At the end of this year campaigning will begin in earnest for the next election. What is the PPP strategy for these elections? PM: In the first three years, we worked on delivering on our manifesto. The last two years, the election inning years, we have to work very hard to give relief to the people. President Zardari has advised me to ensure that the future election is free, fair and transparent. We have always been victims of rigged elections. I can say with conviction that the biggest beneficiary of free, fair and transparent elections will be the PPP. RMN: You speak often and with great respect of the Constitution of Pakistan PM: The unanimously accepted Constitution of Pakistan was given to this country by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. I now hold the office that he once held, that is the office of Prime Minister. My primary desire and duty is to protect the constitution. From the moment I took oath as Prime Minister, I have been working to restore it; we can now see that that has been the biggest guarantee of our national security. There are lots of institutions present in the constituion, which we hold in great respect and are resolved to strengthen. The Constitution and the institutions it holds in high esteem are so dear to me that I myself am desirous of justice from the Supreme Court in the matter of the murder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the founder of that very constitution. Therefore we have reopened the reference of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the same man who gave us our constitution and nuclear technology: the two things which are today the ultimate guarantors of our national security. The record should be put straight. RMN: Do you feel that Benazir Bhuttos murderers will be apprehended soon? PM: It is in the process. The Interior Minister in the presence of the co-chairman of the PPP, Bilawal Bhutto, briefed us in Naudero. The culprits will be brought to justice soon. RMN: In these difficult times, as the Prime Minister and leader of a democratic Pakistan, what would you say should be the character of the Pakistani people? What sort of character should we aspire to? PM: Very simply, to be a good human being. Simply aspiring to that will right many wrongs in our society.