Obamas statement on dramatic death of Bin Laden in Pakistan that America can do whatever she wants, dont seems to be true and realistic approach. The statements are just to support the weak political career and to cover the failure of Afghan war strategy. Bin Ladens death is not the end of the game as AL Qaeda is growing stronger day by day and USA troops are facing greatest difficulty in Afghanistan, both in terms of death toll and economic losses. The superpower of the day is fighting against the country having no resources, no proper army, and no technical skills. USA is trying to save her face as a decade long war has shown no clear cut results, even then Obama is saying that We are proud of our forces. The whole world has been after the one man (OSAMA) for ten years and declaring it as their victory. Is it a victory? Certainly not. The end of Osama does not mean the end of ideology. The time will prove that Americans will have to leave Afghanistan empty handed as consequences have shown that Taliban have proved themselves as an impregnable force. MUHAMMAD AHMAD KHAN MEYO Faisalabad