OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Governor Latif Ahmad Khan Khosa said here on Tuesday that nations most rewarding investment lies in the formation of human capital which is a pre-requisite for countrys progress and prosperity. While addressing the 10th convocation of University of Central Punjab here, the governor said that Pakistan needed to jack-up its literacy level by following the example of Sri Lanka where the literacy rate stood at 92 per cent. He said every body should contribute his / her share in this endeavor. In the cave of Hira, the first revelation to our Prophet (P.B.U.H) was IQRA, which means, READ, the governor said, adding, this signifies the centrality of literacy and learning in Islam, the religion of peace, compassion and tolerance. Quoting an old adage which says, The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world, the governor underlined the importance of female education, saying that we must pay due attention towards the intellectual growth of our nations females who are the first school of a child as a mother Latif Khosa further stated women had amply proved their potential even in such fields which were considered males domain until recently. He has said that every year top positions in various exams go to girls and they have made great achievements in every field of life from academia to sports. He said Pakistans women cricket team which won the gold medal in cricket in Asian games was just one example. Governor has said that in the recent past one of our nations daughters, deprived of sight, secured one of the top positions in the competitive exam.