Hardship for officers from devolved ministries and those repatriated from provinces: Recently 10 ministries have been devolved and three more are expected in the coming fortnight. At the same time, many DM0 officers in BS-21 and below have been relieved from the provinces to join the pool of displaced officers. The net result is that there is severe jostling for diminishing number of posts and officers are without salaries for more than three months. With inflation and no salary, their miseries have increased. As a gesture of sympathy, the Prime Minister of Pakistan refused to make the displaced officers as OSDs and asked for posting proposals from Establishment Division. Unfortunately, only a few influential ones managed their postings and rest of these displaced officers are endlessly languishing without salaries or postings. If our higher bureaucracy is being subject to such humiliation, it is time the Prime Minister monitors such injustices in the name of good governance. Muhammad Saeed, 34 Babur Block New Garden Town La ho re