When PM Yousuf Raza arrived at the venue to address the Regional Press Convention organised by the APNS in hotel, the hotel lights went off all of a sudden. The PM was quick enough to remark that there is no discrimination in respect of loadshedding which took place where the PM of the country is present. There must have been thunderous applause by the innocent audience. I have not been to the Presidents or PM House at Islamabad but I live in the neighbourhood of his Lahore residence in DHA. TheLESCO has provided connection to his house from two grids which shut down alternatively for DHA sectors so that his houses in DHAare not affected in load shedding. There must be better arrangements at Islamabad to ensure non stop supply of electricity. Our so-called awami leaders are expertin making such awami statements where they make themselves at par with the common man. Now they cannot bluff the people because media is free and vibrant to expose the leaders in all respects. The people know the price of each suit that our PM or the President wears and what their families shop during their trips abroad. The internet reveals their local and foreign assets with their worth. Nothing of our rulers is hidden from the public. Therefore they should avoid making such statements which is not true. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA Lahore