President Obamas address on May 2nd was more a news and less a speech in which he confirmed the death of Osama Bin Ladin near Abbotabad after a forty minute long opration by 200 American marines who killed their most hostile adversary. Osama Bin Ladin was tantamount to a Frankenstein monster that America created itself to achieve its ulterior motives but this monster started bringing exquisitive harm to the American interests. In his salad days when Bin Ladins judgement was green, he worked whole heartedly for Uncle Sam. He spent the flower of his youth to smash Soviet Union into smithereens. He became Americas worst enemy when he had the Twin Towers, pride of America, came tumbling down in a few winks of an eye. The US forces searched every nook and cranny to find him for a decade but he proved to be a needle in a haystack and the American efforts to capture him proved futile. It seems ridiculous to believe that a man whose head money was 50million dollars was naive enough to have lived in a compoundmerely 100 yards away from Pakistan Military Academy and that too with the members of his family. Moreover, the photograph released immediately after the incident shows the mutilated face of Bin Ladin in which he looks younger than his years and his beard is all black. The said photograph seems to have been taken almost seven to ten years back when perhaps he was actually killed. Had he been killed near Abbotabad, the US must have shown its footage on televisions all around the world. It is sufficient enough to believe that a macabre drama was staged only to prove that Pakistan provides safe haven to Americas foes and other terrorists. The farce of Bin Ladins killing in Pakistan will help USA to ask us to do more. Now, they will carry on with drone attacks with more ferocity. Likewise, their army has been given a carte blanche to do any military operation in any part of our country if the Abbotabad operation is believed to be true because our government has said that it was not a joint operation and only the American marines were allowed to conduct the operation to kill Bin Ladin. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt