OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE While apologising from the electricity consumers for the worst load shedding in the month April, Pakistan Electric Power Company on Tuesday once again linked the better electricity situation with the smooth oil and gas supply. This is not the electricity crisis rather it is overall energy crisis, which is confronting the country, said the PEPCO Managing Director Rasul Khan Mahsud while addressing a press conference at WAPDA House. However, the head of the electricity management company assured that outages would decrease considerably in next couple of days when according to him the oil supply would become regular from PSO. He said the state oil confirmed the smooth oil supply to power sector after the ship carrying oil would reach at Karachi. We have paid Rs 17 billion to PSO and now the governments top priority is the elimination of circular debt of the energy sector. Answering a question, Rasul Khan said all the distribution companies (DISCOs) would have been strictly advised to follow the load management plan after betterment in the situation in next two days. We are facing about 5000MW shortfall and this shortfall can be met if hydel and thermal generation become good. He told the reporters that 1148MW would be added in the system in June. The PEPCO Chief said the installed dependable capacity of electricity was 19,000 MW. While stressing on the smooth gas supply for power sector, Mr Mahsud said the government was requested to order for conducting an independent study to which sector should be placed at preference for gas supply among various gas consumers. On a query of PEPCOs dissolution, the MD said 'the PEPCO would be buried on 30th June. When he was asked that why the PEPCO was giving quota to KESC despite the independent company (KESC) was itself responsible to generate and distribute electricity for the big city consumers, he said 'how we can victimise the citizens if the KESC is unable to meet their electricity requirement.