When a middle school teacher vowed not to shave until Osama Bin Laden was caught following the terror attacks, he thought it would only be a matter of months. So when Gary Weddle, 50, found out the Al Qaeda leader was dead, he was probably more happy than most. In almost ten years the science teacher from Ephrata, Washington, had managed to grow a grizzled beard that reached his chest. He certainly could have joined band ZZ Top and ironically bore a resemblance to Bin Laden himself. 'I spent my first five minutes crying and then I couldnt get it off fast enough, Mr Weddle told the Capital Press. Unsurprisingly Mr Weddles wife Donita was also rather relieved to be able to see a bit more of her husbands face. He looks 10 years younger, she said. 'Its a very happy moment for us. Its a very happy moment for the whole nation. Mr Weddle had been working in his garden on Sunday evening when a colleague called to tell him the news. Sceptical at first Mr Weddle turned on the news and then when it had sunk in rushed to the bathroom to hack away at the itchy creation. Friends and neighbours even headed over to his house to watch the symbolic moment. Ms Palmquist said Mr Weddle had endured ridicule, jokes and people telling him it was a lost cause. But he had made vow and was going to stick to it even if special forces had never captured the terrorist. In 2003 Mr Weddle had said: 'If they want to shave it off my body in the coffin, they can, but Im going to hang onto it...Im not going to forget and Im not going to let anyone forget. MO