Lahore (PR) The Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insafs Women Wing Joint Secretary for Lahore Aisha Khalid on Tuesday arranged a ladies meeting with local residents of the Walled Citys Lohari Gate area. President for the Punjab chapter of the PTI, Saloni Bokhari, was the chief guest. She was accompanied by Information Secretary (Punjab) Talath Naqvi, Deputy Information Secretary for Punjab Anila Malik, Joint Secretary for Punjab Yasmine Khan, Central (Punjab) RO Dr Seemi Bokhari, RO Lahore Dr Nousheen Hamid Miraj and Deputy RO Shanaz Perveen, Lahore DO Sadia Sohail, and member executive committee Sarwat Saleem. The meeting was well attended with the focus being the May Day and the current situation prevailing in the country. The ladies who spoke said that they were tired of the lies projected by the government as no relief had been seen for the past three years and more. Saloni Bokhari in her address said that women had to play their role in the up coming elections. We have seen the result of voting the wrong people into parliament - the outcome is before us. Now it is up to us to bring about a change, not of faces, but of real structural change that will lead the country to progress. She said that we the women of the country have to push once again for an independent country, a country that was envisaged by the Quaid-I-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Our forefathers laid down their lives for this country and we will not let outsiders and corrupt leaders destroy it. We have the spirit that was seen in the times of Partition, we have that same drive to establish ourselves as a nation. Talath Naqvi said that labour force is the backbone of a country. It is a shame that the government policies and mismanagement of resources have destroyed the industry in Pakistan. This has led to labour being laid off and an economic depression that has destroyed the countrys economy. Dr Nouhseen Hamid Miraj spoke of the enormous resources Pakistan has. We have gas, gold, minerals, tapping into these resources alone can provide our people with work and the economy would boom.