BEIJING (Agencies) - China hailed on Tuesday the death of Osama bin Laden in a US raid while defending its regional partner Pakistan against accusations it had done too little against terror threats. We have noted the announcement and believe that this is a major event and a positive development in the international struggle against terrorism, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said about the White Houses announcement that bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader who orchestrated the September 11 attacks, was killed in a US raid, Chinese newspapers reported on Tuesday. Chinese spokeswoman, Jiang, made a point of standing by Pakistan, Beijings closest partner in south Asia, which has faced criticism from US lawmakers and others that the discovery of bin Laden hiding so close to Islamabad showed Pakistan had done too little to fight terror threats. Pakistan stands at the forefront of the international struggle against terrorism, Jiang told a regular news conference, after her initial statement on bin Laden had appeared. The Pakistani governments determination to fight terrorism is staunch and its actions have been vigorous. Pakistan has made important contributions to the international struggle against terror, she said. China will continue staunchly supporting Pakistan developing and implementing its own anti-terror strategy based on its own national conditions. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron said the West must not spark a row with Pakistan although Islamabad has plenty of questions to answer over Osama bin Laden.Pakistans govt has been a staunch ally in combating extremism, and triggering a rupture in relations would risk massive instability, he said. There will be lots of questions about what sort of support system bin Laden had in Pakistan, and we need those questions answered, Cameron told BBC radio on Tuesday. Pakistans political leadership ... are staunch in the fight against extremism and terror, and theyve done huge amounts in their own country to try and combat it. Meanwhile, Australia warned of the very high threat of terrorist attacks against Western targets in Pakistan following the killing of Osama. Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Tuesday the fact that Osama bin Laden went completely unnoticed before he was killed shows that Pakistans position on the Al-Qaeda leader has lacked clarity. I find it a little difficult to imagine that the presence of someone like bin Laden in a big compound in a relatively small town could go completely unnoticed, Juppe said. This is something were asking ourselves. Pakistans position lacks clarity in our view, I hope that we will have more clarity, he added, after US forces swooped on Bin Ladens lair in the well-to-do town of Abbottabad that is also home to an elite military academy.