Both the United States and Pakistan are affected by the "scourge of extremism" and the U.S. will continue its assistance to the South Asian state, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Tuesday. "We're both affected by the scourge of extremism. The vast majority of al-Qaeda and bin Laden's victims were Muslim," Toner told reporters at the department, noting that "Pakistan has suffered grievous losses from al-Qaeda attacks." Calling U.S. assistance "paid dividends," he said the U.S. " will continue to pay dividends." "This is assistance that is in both Pakistan's long-term interests as well as the United States' national interests and security interests," he added. "We may not see eye to eye on how to approach every issue, but we're going to continue to work with Pakistan, and we believe it's in the best interests of our nation to do so," Toner said.