CHINIOT - TMA officer arrested by the Anti-Corruption Establishment has been released allegedly without a bail. 

ACE officials had arrested Tehsil Officer (Finance) Abdul Raoof red handed while he was receiving Rs10,000 as commission from a contractor’s kin. Reinforced with heavy police contingent and Judicial Magistrate Arif Niazi, ACE Circle Officer Faisal Gill arrested him from his office and recovered the signed notes from his drawer. 

He was brought to the Judicial Magistrate court and then to the anti-corruption police station.  But in the late hours, he was released without any bail. 

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Haroon, a kin of contractor Ahmad Ali, submitted an application to the ACE that the TO and other TMA officials have misappropriated the contract bills of his cousin Ahmad Ali, a TMA contractor, last year and were not paying him the bills. 

A few days ago, the TMA officer, who is head of the finance division of TMA, demanded Rs10,000 commission from him for payment of his stuck-up bills.  He went to the ACE and got currency notes signed and later on paid the officer. The ACE, along with the judicial magistrate and police raided the office and recovered the notes from his drawer.  He was arrested and an FIR was also lodged against him.  After the officer was brought to the court, he was taken to the anti corruption police station, Chiniot from where he was released without any bail from any competent court.

Haroon alleged that ACE released the officer on pressure from his political supporters.  He said that he would move the Lahore High Court against the action. 

Separately, Abdul Rehmand Kalyar of Chiniot Press Club said that the TMA officials were collecting 25% of the contract money as commission which is distributed among half a dozen top officials. He added that he submitted a number of complaints to the DCO and the Punjab chief minister but to no avail. 

Another Journalist Hassan Fatimi said the officer was also accused of misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of rupees by selling trees from Jinaz Gah last year.  A case was also registered against him in the City Police Station but he used his influence to get himself absolved from the case. Interestingly, no officer of the ACE is willing to talk to the media on the issue.

Faisal Gill, the Circle officer of the ACE, who led the raid refused to comment and said that only the Press Information Department will issue a press release on the subject matter. Anti Corruption Faisalabad Division Director Amir Ijaz said that he had been informed about the raid on TMA official but could not verify whether the officer was arrested.

“Justice will be ensured without impartiality against corrupt elements in TMA Chiniot” he added. When contacted, the accused said that he did not demand any graft from the applicant and rather he put the money into drawer of his office to implicate him in the case.