This is with reference to the brutal murder of Dr Khalil Rasjed Dale in Quetta – another shameful incident that brought not only bad name to the country but demonstrated to the whole world how dangerous it is to live and operate in Pakistan. It also serves as a reminder of how inefficient and incompetent we are when it comes to providing safety and security to those foreigners who, risking their lives, come to Pakistan and work for humanitarian causes. For Pakistanis it is more painful because they know that those responsible for providing security to others have a large part of the security apparatus covering their movements, offices and residences. Despite knowing the threat posed by militants in Balochistan, the government and intelligence agencies failed to protect a precious life. Every time our security is breached, and people like Dr Khalil are kidnapped and murdered, it reminds us of our inability to meet the challenge posed by militant organisations. Before it is too late the state must act. The government must realise its responsibility and act to prevent jail breaks, murders, kidnapping and provide safety and security to the people.


Karachi, May 2.