I applaud General Kayani’s statement appropriately highlighted in media. I am a critic of the traditional role and conduct of the army in national affairs. I am also a critic of the bureaucracy and the judiciary for more than one reason: 1. the army for imposing martial laws; 2. the judiciary for legitimising the unconstitutional encroachment; 3. the bureaucracy for its submissiveness to martial rulers and contempt for citizens. I am also wary of individuals and political parties that collaborate with the above three to advance their respective interests that are not legitimately possible to accomplish, for most do not curry favour with voters.

I hope the government, political parties and civil society can work together to advance General Kayani’s recommendations. It is common sense that one must under all circumstances maintain good relations with neighbours. Neighbours will always be neighbours whereas even friends come and go. If we wish to create strategic depth’, let us start by focusing on mending our fences and befriending our neighbours by strengthening social and economic ties.


Lahore, May 2.