BAHAWALNAGAR - The acts of lawlessness across district Bahawalnagar are order of the day as outlaws including some law enforcers are on the loose and the police are playing a role of silent spectator.

In Haroonabad, some policemen including Sub Inspector Ashraf, Constable Nazir, Arshad and Ajmal Naeem stole Rs20,000 and gold ornaments. A case was registered against them on the orders of the High Court. But the accused are still at large. The local people have demanded their immediate arrest.  However, 23 murder, 53 theft and robberies cases have been registered during the last two months while several cases were not registered to hide their poor performance. Nowadays, the outlaws are fearless of the law enforcers and blatantly snatching and robbing valuable even in daylight. They do not hesitate even to kill the citizens for offering resistance. As many as 23 people were killed by outlaws during robberies in the district.

The populace was deprived of valuables and cash worth about 10 million during robberies. The district police including the Bahawalnagar DPO pay no heed to the citizens’ hue and cry.

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However, making mockery of law has become the permanent feature of the police.