NEW DELHI  - A Frenchman died on Thursday four days after being beaten up on an Indian train for allegedly harassing a woman, police said. Eyewitnesses told officers that the 33-year-old man appeared to be in a drug-induced haze when the row erupted on the train travelling from the capital New Delhi to the city of Amritsar. The man was attacked by male family members of the woman, according to accounts given to police. “A French citizen who was found bleeding and unconscious on the platform at Karnal train station on Sunday died today in hospital,” Ved Pal, assistant sub-inspector of Karnal police in Haryana state, told AFP.

“Eyewitnesses said the man began harassing a woman in the carriage. Her male family members got into a violent scuffle with him,” Pal said.

The man was taken to a hospital in the city of Chandigarh, 145 miles (240 kilometres) north of Delhi, but never regained consciousness and died on Thursday.