I refer to SM Hali’s article “Logic of the Two-Nation Theory” published in the Nation of 18 April 2012. He has mentioned of an American writer Wolpert who is well conversant with the pre-partition leaders of India. Mr. Hali, under the above caption, has rightly quoted that the Hindus had opposed the Partition of the sub-continent considering it to be the desecration of Mother India. Mr. Hali’s reference to the Indian Muslims inside the Central India in those days was a matter of lethargy to leave settled homes or lack of enthusiasm to move lock, stock and barrel. The story of NWFP is different; they wanted to remain independent. Quaid-i-Azam’s foresight and vision proved correct as the Muslims who stayed back in India today are indeed worse than even the lowest caste Hindus known as Dalits. If now the Hindus want the Indian Muslims to leave the present India or be converted to Hinduism, it is too late. At the time of dependence, the Muslims left in India were as big in number as they were in Pakistan. With the passage of time the Indian Muslims should have formed yet another community in order to strengthen their belief in the idea of Pakistan. They remained inactive and passive. Rather, India became busy in breaking the rest of Pakistan; we kept playing in the hands of Indian conspirators. It is still India which is working on its formula of 1947 – to break Pakistan into pieces. The irony of the fate is that our rulers are also helping them (India) to do it.


Rawalpindi, April 30.