ISLAMABAD - Following the sudden move of PPP and its allied partners regarding the resolution in favour of Southern Punjab, the largest Opposition party, PML-N too submitted resolution for four new provinces in the Lower House.Ch. Nisar Ali Khan Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly revealed this while addressing a Press conference here on Thursday. ‘We have submitted resolution in the National Assembly for four provinces including Bhawalpur, Hazara, FATA and Southern Punjab as we wanted to bring the resolution by some proper way not in the non-serious fashion adopted by PPP’,he stated.Terming the resolution of Treasury Benches a political gimmick, he said that PPP wanted to divert the attention of the masses about the conviction issue of Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani who is saving the skin of President by not writing a letter. ‘We are in favour of new provinces but there is a proper way to adopt important matter. We will never support the division of provinces like the situation of East Pakistan and West Pakistan’, he said , asking the Speaker and Deputy Speaker to play their neutral role and not become a tool of present government. He further said Prime Minister in the absence of PML-N had made speech in the House like a ‘thief’ and same thing was repeated by passing these two resolutions. ‘How it was determined that who is favour of resolution and who is against it’, he said ,adding, that proper procedure was not adopted as prior to presenting the resolution it is brought in the House three days before.  Giving the legal reference, Nisar said that it was before the creating of any new province to have 2/3rd majority in the Provincial Assembly. ‘Consensus is a must as without this majority it could not be possible’, he said, adding, that if government is serious then a Commission should be made on this important issue.