ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Main Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo has said that after expression of confidence in the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani by the National Assembly, opposition parties have no point to hold demonstrations and protest in the National Assembly and the Senate.

According to a statement, he congratulated the PM on gaining the confidence of the Parliament and termed the PML (N) protest in NA neither constitutional nor ethical. He reiterated the fact the detailed verdict of the Supreme Court is still awaited, even after that the prime minister has right to appeal against the decision. Therefore, PML-N’s demand from PM to quit is premature and against the norms, he said.

Wattoo observed that the democratic institutions work under set procedures and there was a well-defined method for the election and removal of a person to a public office. “Nobody has any right to violate the set procedures but Mian Nawaz Sharif and his party is adamant to force the PM out of his office which is unfair and unjust”, the minister stated. He said that PML (N) would never succeed in its designs. Any decision regarding the future of the PM and present set up will be taken according to the prevailing laws and the procedures set up by the Constitution of Pakistan.

While commenting on the passage of resolution with two-third majority to create a province in Southern Punjab, Wattoo acknowledged that Southern Punjab was a neglected region, which lagged behind the other regions in the development. He congratulated the leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party and the people of the Southern Punjab for the passage of resolution and emphasised that the leadership and the Government of Pakistan Peoples Party has taken the demand of a province in Southern Punjab with seriousness with the result in the passage of this resolution. “Our government has once again proved that we believe more in deeds than mere rhetoric”, he said and hoped that this will open up new avenues for the development of the Southern Punjab region.