LAHORE – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief selector Iqbal Qasim has asked the senior players to bow out with dignity and if they do not do so, the selection committee has authority to take any decision about their cricketing career any time.

Talking Waqt TV programme “Game Best” on Thursday, Qasim said: “It is high time for senior players to decide about their cricket future and quit it with great honour and respect otherwise the selection committee has full authority to decide about their fate any time.”

“The youngsters are future of the country and making their future secure is our top priority. They are very skilled and talented so we will provide them ample opportunities to groom fully and the seniors too think about their future,” he added.

He said that juniors should fully concentrate on their cricket and performance. “If juniors concentrate fully on their game and perform exceptionally well, it will not only help us in selecting them in the national team but also provide opportunity to spectators to witness quality cricket.”

Qasim was of the view that the no one is captain by birth but the situation, time and responsibility make one a good captain. “If the cricket board gives the captaincy to any player he then becomes a good captain with the passage of time. Though Misbah was criticised a lot after becoming a captain yet he learnt and improved a lot gradually and proved his mettle as good a captain,” he added.

He said that the selection committee would also give chance to those players who performed well in the foreign leagues.

“The player who performed well in the foreign cricket leagues will also be given chance and doors are open for them but playing domestic cricket is also must for every one as we will see their domestic performances first and then think about their inclusion in the team,” he stated.

Talking about wicketkeeper Sarfaraz Ahmad, he said: “Though Sarfaraz is a good wicketkeeper and performed well in the ODIs in recent series yet we are looking for the stylish and aggressive wicketkeeper-cum-batsman for Twenty20s.”

He claimed that the bowlers had impressed them more than the batsmen at under-19 level. “We have seen more talent in bowlers than the batsmen at under-19 level. Though some batsmen are very talented yet bowlers are much better and I can see some of them have abilities to replace the seniors with their outstanding performances,” he added.

Talking about Premier League which PCB has planned to host in October, Qasim said: “The Premier League will prove enormously advantageous for the Pakistan cricket and PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf has striving hard in this regard. I am hopeful his effort will bear fruit and Pakistani cricket lover will get opportunity to witness international players live in action at their home ground.”