OKARA - Rats gnawed away cash amounting to Rs40,000 kept in a safe here.

Reportedly, Khalid, a resident of Govt Colony kept an amount of Rs40,000 in a safe at his house, a few days ago. Meanwhile, he felt need for the currency and opened the safe to take the money. He, however, was dumbstruck by the fact dawned upon him that all the currency notes were eaten away by rats. Ill-fated Khalid felt deprived but unable to do anything.

Four hurt in collision: Four people including two women were injured when a speedy motorcycle-rickshaw rammed into a donkey-cart here.

Sources told that Nazeeran Bibi, a resident of Akbar Road along with her relatives Zahida and two boys Abdur Rehman and Sharafat was going to city on a motorcycle-rickshaw. On the way, the rickshaw had a head-on collision with a donkey-cart. Resultantly, all the four got injured