The prime minister has stated that the judiciary has no right to disqualify public representatives. Why should Pakistan be the state where all shameful precedents are set? As if poor governance, target killings, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and massive corruption were not enough, we are now the only democratic state in whole world whose PM is a convict and yet he continues to hold office. This country which faces internal instability has had its external and domestic debt doubled in the past four years. It cannot afford such ignominy if it wants to survive in the world with respect.

Our only option is to restore rule of law, where everybody, including the prime minister, is accountable. Yousuf Raza Gilani is surely not indispensable. The PPP should have another person elected as prime minister. The party should not be seen flouting orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. I also request Imran Khan to take a principled stand on this issue because that is what is expected of him.


Quetta, May 2.