LAHORE - Lahore High Court Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed has said there seems no government in Punjab and the court can do nothing but to express sympathy with the people of the country’s biggest province.

He made these remarks on Thursday during the hearing of a petition filed by transporters, challenging the allotment of three bus stands in Faisalabad.

Punjab Transport Secretary Muhammad Yousaf and Faislabad District Coordination Officer (DCO) Naseem Sadiq appeared before the court.

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Petitioners contended that bus stands, located at three different points in Faisalabad city, were shifted to overcome traffic problems. However, the government allowed to establish bus stands to their favourites on the same place, they said, adding that the step was illegal, therefore, it should be set aside.

The transport secretary and DCO told the court that they were unaware of the issue.

At this, the CJ remarked that the court do nothing but to express sympathy with the people of the province where there was no government.

However, the respondent counsel told the court that the new bus stands were not set up on old locations but these were situated on different locations. He contended that the transporters were not stating facts.

The chief justice recorded the arguments of both parties and reserved the decision.

The verdict is expected to be announced on May 11.

Hearing put off: The CJ on Thursday adjourned the hearing of petition for adopting Urdu as an official language.

The government sought time to file the reply and the chief justice adjourned the hearing for three weeks.

The told the court that Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his address to students in Dhaka in 1948, announced Urdu as official language of Pakistan, but the decision was not implemented. He said the subsequent governments were under obligation to fulfil the desire of the Quaid, adding that the constitution also stipulated making Urdu the official language within a specific period of time and that time had already passed but to no avail.

2547 cases heard: The six additional judges of the Lahore High Court have heard 2547 cases of different natures for month. Out of them, 645 have been decided, a significant trend discouraging the delay in cases.

According to a report consolidated for the month of April, Justice Abdul Samee Khan heard 444 cases, out of them 129 were decided, while Justice Abbad ur Rehman decided 155 cases out of 561, highest number of the cases decided by the five other judges with in a month.

The report further stated that Justice Shujjat Ali Khan made the decision of 107 cases out of 323, and Justice Aysha A. Malik decided 65 petitions out of 378.

Justice Baqir Ali Najfi decided 55 cases out of 225, while Justice Shahid Waheed heard 391 cases and decided 109, the report added.