All over the world, the news of a young child dying causes hue and cry, but such news in Pakistan raises no voices! An Islamic state, a free and developing country such as Pakistan has no respect for human life, the ongoing killings in Karachi and Baluchistan speak volumes, but the news of a six year old girl child dropped into boiling water, brings shivers to one’s body and soul. The gruesome incident took place in Toba Tek Singh were a numberdar’s son was getting married. Some poor children, seeing the wedding food being cooked begged, for some food. A waiter, who tried to shoo them away got angry and pushed the girl into the boiling water. Some say he was just telling them to go and pushed them and the child accidentally fell into the boiling water, even if the second version is the truth, why was she not rushed to a hospital? She was finally taken to hospital where she died.

Was no one moved by this because she was a poor child? The daughter of daily wages earning labourer, who could barely make ends meet and his children starved? According to a correspondent of a private TV channel this incident took place on Thursday evening but no action has been taken to arrest the man responsible, a waiter? Does everyone who commits a crime have immunity in Pakistan? Though we have ‘blood money’ in Islam, and as the parents were poor they might have accepted it, but where are all the ‘Human Rights’ groups who have taken action against Malala being shot? Is Malala the only daughter of this soil who deserves treatment in foreign hospitals, accolades?

I wonder why the electronic media has hushed up. A six year old innocent child had been exposed to the worst kind of brutality and it was not big enough news for the media. The morning shows, which indulge in arranging weddings and song and dance, are more important than a six year old child losing her life? Where are Mayra Khan and Nadia Khan and Dr Shaista now?

My eyes welled up with tears my heart ached but no political personality was moved, I didn’t see a single condemnation message from a single politician. Those politicians whose condemnation messages flash in seconds over any noticeable new item, kept mum at the gruesome tragedy, that was enough to move the whole nation, provided, any one has any conscience left. Only the caretaker CM Najam Sethi responded to the news and the TV channels carried his tickers condemning the brutal incident and passing on instructions to the concerned RPO to submit a report on the incident. Nonetheless no follow up ensued.

No one bothered to feel the excruciating pain of the six year old innocent child, who was given such a brutal punishment over just asking for food. Is this a society worth living in? Is not each of us responsible for building this society? Is it not height of insensitivity that the whole nation kept sleeping and shrieks of a minor child failed to wake them up, just because she was not their daughter?


Lahore, April 26.