The prevailing trend of intolerance and impatience has engulfed another innocent life, paradoxically in the city of lights. The heart-touching lamentable story of the murder of 19 year old Shahzeb was not yet forgotten, when the city of Karachi rocked with another similar incident. Hamza Ahmed, another victim of intolerance has lost his life at 17. It is quiet condemnable that Pakistani society is becoming an example of intolerance. A small matter, because of our attitudes, becomes a large issue and leads to serious fights and murder as well. No one is ready to compromise or to forgive the other person, especially those who are a bit stronger than their opponents.

This was the case of Shahzeb and now of Ahmed. The young boy was killed by the bodyguard of another boy, belonging to an opulent family. Both had a little fight in when Shoaib ordered his guard to shoot Ahmed. The guard obeyed! What a society, what a story! It appears wealthy people have provided their children with guns or equipped them with bodyguards and have allowed them to kill with immunity. I will hold everyone responsible, parents, teachers, rulers, everyone. We are all responsible for creating a harmful environment in the society by our anachronistic and militant attitudes. It is hoped that we, especially the younger generation of Pakistan, takes lesson from these incidents and learns to be tolerant and to become valuable citizens.


Karachi, April 29.